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Mail Delivery Could be Even Slower Than USPS Admits

Mail Delivery Could be Even Slower Than USPS Admits Due to its unreliable tracking system, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) may be delivering your mail even more slowly than it has claimed, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Background After increasing its own long-time 2-day delivery standard for First-Class mail to 3-days in January, 2015, the cash-starved USPS proceeded to close or consolidate 82 mail processing plants nationwide over the objections of all 50 U.S. Senators. [ See: Why for Mail Delivery ‘Slow’ is the New ‘Normal’ ] The effects of those actions revealed themselves in August 2015, when a federal inspector general notified the USPS that the number of First-Class letters being delivered at least a day late had increased by 48% in the first 6 months of 2015 alone. Mail May be Even Slower, GAO Finds But lowered standards or not, the GAO’s investigators reported that the Postal Service’s system for tracking and reporting delivery time is too incomplete and unreliable to determine how late the mail really is being delivered. According to GAO auditors, the reports created by the USPS’s mail delivery tracking system â€Å"do not include sufficient analysis to hold USPS accountable for meeting its statutory mission to provide service in all areas of the nation.† In fact, the GAO found that the USPS’ system tracks the delivery times of only 55% of First-Class mail, Standard-Class mail, periodicals, and packages. Delivery times of mail without tracking barcodes are not reported. â€Å"Incomplete measurement poses the risk that measures of on-time performance are not representative, since performance may differ for mail included in the measurement, from mail that is not,† stated the GAO. â€Å"Complete performance information enables effective management, oversight, and accountability.† In other words, the USPS doesn’t know exactly how slow its mail delivery service has become. Spreading the Blame The GAO also placed some blame on the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), the presidentially appointed body responsible for overseeing Postal Service operations. Specifically the GAO criticized the PRC for failing to determine why the USPS’s delivery time tracking data are not complete and dependable. â€Å"While PRCs annual reports have provided data on the amount of mail included in measurement, they have not fully assessed why this measurement was incomplete or whether USPS actions will make it so,† GAO investigators wrote. While the PRC has the power to direct the USPS to improve its delivery time tracking system, it has so far failed to do so, noted the GAO. Meanwhile, in Rural America The GAO also pointed out that the USPS is not required to – and so does not – track or report delivery time data for mail sent to rural addresses. While several members of Congress have pressured the USPS to study and report on its rural delivery performance, postal officials have stated that doing so would be too costly. However, as the GAO pointed out, the USPS has never provided Congress with cost estimates to prove it. â€Å"Such cost information would be useful for Congress to assess whether developing this information would be appropriate,† wrote the GAO. In 2011, the PRC criticized the USPS for failing to adequately consider the impact of its still on-hold plan to end Saturday mail delivery on rural America. â€Å"As my colleagues and I have heard †¦ [mail] service across the country, particularly in rural communities, is suffering,† said U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Delaware) chairman of the Senate committee that oversees the USPS in a statement on the GAO report. â€Å"To fix these service problems, we need to figure out their root causes,† Carper continued. â€Å"Unfortunately, the [GAO] found the delivery performance results that the Postal Service and Postal Regulatory Commission provide do not give Congress or postal customers an accurate assessment of service.† What the GAO Recommended The GAO suggested that Congress â€Å"direct† the USPS to provide reliable estimates of its costs to report on mail delivery performance in rural areas. The GAO also called on the USPS and PRC to improve the â€Å"completeness, analysis, and transparency† of its mail delivery performance reports. While the USPS generally agreed with the GAO’s recommendations, it also noted that it â€Å"strongly disagrees with the conclusion that our current service performance measurement is not accurate.† So, like your mail, don’t expect the results to be delivered anytime soon.

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E)Changing Roles in the Household Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

E)Changing Roles in the Household - Essay Example Specifically the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was implemented to promote equal work and employment opportunity for men and women by mandating employers to pay male and female employees equally for performing equal work load except for work differences related to seniority and merits (Reuter, 2009). As part of strengthening the promotion of work diversity and gender equal rights, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was established in order to enforce the federal laws concerning work discrimination related to race or ethnicity, color, religion, gender preferences, nationality, age, and physical or mental disability (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2010). As part of determining the current socio-economic status of women and the minorities in the United States including the significance and effectiveness of EEOC in terms of alleviating gender and racial discrimination within a work environment, this study will gather the most recent articles and news reports that has been published online particularly in the Wall Street Journal, news media, business journals, and magazines. Eventually, economics of race and gender will be tackled in relation to the gathered news and articles. Prior to conclusion, strategic ways on how the EEOC could effectively prevent the high incidence of work discrimination related to gender and race will be provided in details. Back in 2003, the entire U.S. workforce is composed of 69.9% White Americans, 13.8% of the African Americans, 11.1% Hispanics, and 5.2% other minorities (Hymowitz, 2005). Out of the White Americans who are employed, 84.5% of them are managers in small-, medium-, and large-scale companies (ibid). Statistics shows that gender discrimination in the United States is still present despite EEOC’s effort to avoid gender and race discrimination at work. In rare cases, there are some women and few individuals coming from the minority groups who were able to establish a strong

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Maryland Commuters Lived Experiences on Bicycle Commuting After Essay

Maryland Commuters Lived Experiences on Bicycle Commuting After Barriers Removed and Strategies Employed - Essay Example Hence, the purpose of this case study is to explore the causes why these barriers and strategies to overcome them did not actually work. Therefore, the research problem is embedded in the conceptual framework of the factors and barriers that affect commuters from choosing the bicycle as an alternative mode of transport to commute to work. For this reason, the data is collected from 12 respondents through in-depth, semi-structured interviews. As a result, this research study contributes to positive social change by increasing the awareness of government leaders, city and regional planners, and the private sector on bicycling problem. In particular, they can recognize several effective strategies that will make bicycle commuting a preferred alternative mode of transportation to commute to work. Thus, the study brings to light the new policy that can be effective in combating the problem of vehicular congestion, environmental pollution, oil dependency, and sedentary lifestyle linked to obesity. Chen and Tang (2012) argued that automobile dependence is a global problem specifically affecting the lives of commuters living in big cities. In the United States, there is also a dependence on the repeated use of automobiles (Dulal, Brodnig, & Onoriose, 2011; Litman, 2009). In this context, Hamilton and Atkins (2008) argued that the number of automobiles joining the highways road construction has become incompatible; thus, the problem of vehicular congestion appears. Santos, Behrendt, Maconi, Shirvani, and Teytelboym (2010) wrote that the dependence on the automobile contributres negative consequences for society. In defence, Abrahamse, Steg, Gifford, and Vlek (2009) suggested that the automobile serves many purposes for travel; however, they agree that automobile is a contributing factor to vehicular congestion and environmental pollution. In addition, Kent (2013) suggested that automobile dependency is connected to the poor health issues. In

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Informative Speech Essay Example for Free

Informative Speech Essay Attention Getter: Mothers day is coming up, and there is a few options for you to use as gifts. 1. You can spend fifty dollar on flowers just to watch them die in a week. 2. You can buy her chocolates even though most of us are constantly trying to cut back. 4. You can do nothing and look like a jerk. 5. Or can simply spend a dollar at a thrift store, and create a desk ornament using only an old book. Topic Sentence: Recently I’ve made a few of these and have gotten a really great response from family and friends. I suppose I’d call it book-origami, but I’m not sure if there’s a proper title for this sort of thing. My purpose tonight is to teach you how to make one of these. Credibility / goodwill: After I made my first book, I got several compliments on it. Afterward, I came to the conclusion it might make a great mantelpiece, or even a desk ornament. shows a survey taken in 2012 that states â€Å"The average person ends up purchasing 16 gifts or more a year.† Gift buying can add up quickly so I have found that it is nice to have a backup plan in case you’re broke at the time. Surely some of us in this very room have come to this dilemma so I am hoping to provide an idea for such an occasion. Thesis: Tonight I will teach you how to make one of these decorations by first teaching you what type of books are best to use, secondly I will tell you how to prepare the process of getting started, and lastly I will be teaching you a few of the folding techniques. Body: (Chronological = steps in a process) I. The First step in making one of these book decorations is to find the right kind of book to work with A. Through trial and error, I have found that it is best to use a hardcover book. 1. The way I have been making these has been without the use of any glues or starches, and the hardcover frame seems to help the book hold its shape naturally. B. When choosing your book you will also need to consider the number of pages that it has. 2. This was actually my first book, and it has about two hundred fifty pages in it. My second book actually has over 550 pages in it. The choice you make depends on your taste, but personally I think the thicker book has a much fuller and professional look. C. You should also consider the size of the cover of your book. 1. I believe that a someone smaller book makes for the best decoration because it doesn’t take up much room. Transition: Now that you have chosen a book to work with, you are ready to divide your book in sections. A. In my first book I didn’t take a whole lot of time, and just approximately divided the book into 3 sections. 1. You might not be able to tell at first glance but one side actually has around 15 pages more using the first folding style. B. If you want to go for a truly symmetrical look, I would suggest counting out each page individually. It will take more time this way, but you will probably be happier with the end result. 1. After you have decided how much you want in each section, I would recommend marking each sections beginning and end with a bookmark. Transition : Now that you have sectioned off your book, you’re ready to start folding. (please excuse my lack of technical terms, but this is really just something I’ve been experimenting with and was not actually taught anything about origami. A. I like to start off each book with several simple corner folds. 1. After each page, you should alternate between folding the top corner down, and folding the bottom corner down. 2. The reason I start the book this way because it is a really easy technique, and it also seems to help the book expand quite a bit. B. Another fold I use quite a bit I would call an airplane fold. I call it this because it is how I remember starting off paper airplanes, again this isn’t a technical lesson. 1. This technique is done simple by folding the top and bottom edges into the middle of the page. 2. I tend to use this technique for the middle section because again, it is very easy to do, and it helps the book to stand up. C. What I have used for the outer-middle section here is actually just a variation of the airplane fold. 1. After folding both edges in, you then take the middle point of the page and fold it to either the upper or lower portion, again alternating with each following page t o get this accordion look. Conclusion: Thesis: Tonight I have taught you how to make one of these decorations by first teaching you what type of books are best to use, secondly telling you how to prepare the process of getting started, and lastly I taught you a few of the folding techniques. Closure: Now you’re ready to make one of these for yourself. I’ve only been doing this for a few months, and I have found that most of the fun comes from trying new techniques. I’ve only shared with you a couple of the techniques that I’ve used. I would highly encourage you to try some of your own ideas, get creative . You could try ripping or cutting the edges of certain pages to give them a rough look, or you could add paperclips to portions of the book to give it a specific hold. Maya Angelou once said in the book Conversations with Maya Angelou printed in 1989 â€Å"You cant use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have† I’ve always agreed with that. I have found this to be a fun, creative and cheap idea for a gift. Mothers day is Sunday the 12th of May this year, so you should get started.

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Courtship Vs. Dating Essays -- essays research papers

Courtship - the act of wooing Woo - to ask in marriage; to court, to solicit eagerly; to seek to gain. You ask, â€Å"What in the world is Courtship?† Let me start by saying it is our country’s dating problem solution. Not too long ago, Christian parents along with their youth had realized the need to re-map the route to fruitful, God-ordained marriages. The result has been a push particularly among homeschoolers, to return to the more biblical principals of courtship. Simply defined, courtship is a reformed version of dating under the supervision of parents between a man and a woman who are ready to marry in the near future. In consumer terms, contemporary dating is the equivalent to window-shopping and courtship is shopping w/ cash in hand under the direction of experienced buyers. The te...

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The indian national congress

IntroductionThe Indian national Congress is besides known as the Congress party and abbreviations INC. Indian national congerss is a major political party in India.INC founded in 1885 by allan octvian Hume, dadabhai naroji, dinshaw bacha, womesh Chandra banerjee, surendranath banerjee, manmohan ghosh and William wedderburn. The Indian national Congress became the leader of india independent motion, with over 15 million member and over 70 million engagement in its battle against British regulation in India after independency in 1947. National Congress became the states dominant political party, lead by the NEHERU-GANDHI household for most of the party, challenged for leading merely in more recent decennaries, the party is presently the main member of the opinion united progressive confederation alliance. It is the lone party to acquire more than 100 million ballots in three general election. The Indian national association was the first professed nationalist organisation founded in British India by surendranath banerjee and anand mohan Bose in 1876. The aims of this association were â€Å" promoting by every legitimate means the political, rational and material promotion of the people † . The association attracted more educated Indians and civic leaders from all parts of the state and became an of import forum for Indians aspirers for independency. It subsequently merged with Indian national Congress. Its beginning from the zamindari sabha ( association ) founded by DWARIKANATH TAGORE and his cousin PRASANNO TAGORE In 1831. In 1857 the association support the E india company in the sepoy munity, naming the root penalty for the Rebels. In 1866 pandit navin Chandra roy was appointed asa secretary of the association a station which he held for 4 old ages before he eventually moved to Lahore in the class of his employment. Ramnath Tagore was the president from 1867 to 1877 after a stormy meeting in 1870 a declaration moved by nationalist adi dharma cabal of babu hemendra nath Tagore was approved to voice the concern of educated Indians to the British governments on issue of favoritism, engagement of Indian in the Indian civil sercice and political authorization and representation of Indian. This consequence in a split, whereby freemason crown stalwart formed a breakway association called the Indian reform association under keshab Chandra sen to â€Å" unlift the common people but merely give them political representation when they ready for it † . 1871 a subdivision was established by the adi Dharma cabal in oudh by dakshinarajan mukherjee for demanding Indian elected representation in legislative assemblies. The reform association cabal on July 26th 1876 established a India sabha with Bengali leaders like surendranath banerjee sastri, anand mohan bose etc. And held its first one-year conference in culcutta, from 1880 boulder clay 1890 a acrimonious conflict for control of the reform association ensued between the prosen and anti-sen cabals.HistoryPatriot on salt MarchThe fairy adopted in 1931 and used by the proviso authorities of free India during the 2nd universe war. From the foundation of national Congress 28 December 1885 till the clip of independency of india 15 grand 1947, the national Congress was the largest and most outstanding india public organisation, which influence of the Indian independency motion.ALLAN OCTAVIAN HUMEAllan Octavian Hume is the of Indian national Congress. Founded upon the suggestion of British civil retainer named allan Octavian Hume. After the first war of Indian independency and the transportation of India from the east india company to the British imperium, it was the end of the raj to back up and warrant its administration of India with the assistance of English-educated Indians, who would be familiar and friendly to British civilization and political thining. On 12 oct 1885, Hume and a group of educated Indians besides published â€Å" an entreaty from the people of India to the voters of great Britain and Ireland † to inquire British electors in 1885 British general election to assist back up campaigners sympathetic to Indian public sentiment, which included resistance to the levying of revenue enhancements on India to finance the British Indian runs in afganistan and support for legislative reform in India. On 28 December 1885, the Indian national Congress was founded at gokuldas tejpal Sanskrit college in Bombay, with 72 delegates in attending. hume false office as the general secretary, and womesh Chandra banerjee of Calcutta was elected president besides hume two extra British members ( both Scottish civil retainers ) were members of the establishing group, William wedderburn and justness ( subsequently, sir ) toilet jardine. The other members were largely hindus from the Bombay and madras presidential terms.FIRST SESSION OF INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESSThe first session of Indian national Congress was held on 28-31 December 1885 at Bombay. Lokmanya tilak was the first to encompass swaraj as the national end. The first jets of nationalist sentiment that rose amongst congress members were when the desire to be represented in the organic structures of authorities, to hold a say, a ballot in the jurisprudence devising and issues of disposal of India.ANNIE BESANTAnnie besant was by far the mo st conspicuously involved European in the Indian battle when British entered into the British Indian ground forces into universe war I, it provoked the first unequivocal, countrywide political argument of its sort in India. The divided Congress re- united in the polar lucknow session in 1916, with bal gangadhar tilak and gopal Krishna gokhle decorating the phase together one time once more.MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHIMohandas Gandhi gave rise to a whole new coevals of patriots, and a whole new signifier of revolution. In the twelvemonth after the universe war, the rank of the Congress expanded well, owing to public exhilaration after Gandhi ‘s in champaran and kheda. A whole new ganaration of leaders arose from different portion of India who were commited gandhians-sardar vallabhbhai patel, jawarharlal neheru, rajendra Prasad, chakravarti Rajagopalachari, narhari parikh, mahadev desai- every bit good as hot -blooded patriot aroused by Gandhi ‘s active leadership- chittaran jan hyrax, subhas Chandra Bose, srinivasa lyengar. Gandhi transformed the Congress from an elitist party based in the metropoliss, to an organisation of the people. JAWAHARLAL NEHERU SITTING NEXT TO MAHATMA GANDHI AT THE AICC GENERAL SESSION.Partition OF INDIAWithin the Congress, the divider of India was opposed by khan abdul gaffar, saifuddin kitchlew, Dr. Khan sahib and congresswomans from the states that would necessarily go portion of Pakistan. Maulana azad was opposed to divider in rule, but did non wish to hinder the national leading.LEADERSHIP CHANGESIn 1947, the Congress presidential term passed upon jivatram gresskripalani, a seasoned gandhian and ally of both Nehru and patel. Indian ‘s duumvirate expressed neutrality and full support to the elective victor of the 1947,1948 and 1949 presidential races. However, a jerk of war began between Nehru and his socialist wing, and patel and Congress diehards broke out in 1950 ‘s race. Nehru lobbied intensely to oppose the campaigning purushottam hyrax tondon, whom he perceived as a hindu-muslim dealingss. Nehru openly backed kripalani to oppose tondon, but neglected courtesy to patel upon the inquiry.Members OF INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS

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Traveling throguh the Dark by William Stafford - 853 Words

Traveling through the Dark by William Stafford is essentially a short poem that was written based on personal experience. The poem starts out with an unnamed, anonymous character which is also the narrator of the poem as he tells of a haunting but sad memory in first person. The story begins by telling of how a cautious traveler in the night comes across a dying deer but with an unborn child waiting to be born. What the traveler chooses to do with the deer and her child is a conflict that will decide their fate. The poem is a ‘sentimental poem’ that is both a memory from the past and a lesson of morals by Stafford that draws the reader in and makes them ponder; â€Å"what would I do if I were in this situation?† Being written in first person, Stafford puts the reader into the traveler’s position and by this, the reader can experience what is happening as if it were them in the situation. The short poem begins with a traveler driving along a narrow road by the Wilson River in Oregon, United States. He stumbles upon a dead doe on the road and with good intentions, tries to move it out of the way for safe travel of future drivers. He realises that the doe is pregnant with an unborn child and this is where the traveler comes into internal conflict with himself. He hesitates with the choices of helping other drivers by tossing the doe with an unborn fawn into the water or saving it as if he knew how to. In the end, the traveler does not save the doe and tosses it into the river.